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Nature's Sway - Fitting & Wearing

I have given this type of sling its own instructions, as although technically it is a 'closed-tail ring sling' (with a clip), I have found it needs individual attention as there are a few knacks to getting a good fit. 

On this page are four sections:

  • Adjusting your sling
  • Nursing Cradle Carry (0-4m)
  • Diagonal Cradle Carry  (0-4m)
  • Hip Carry  (4m+)

See also Nature's Sway Brochure Page 1 and Page 2 for more info, or contact the very friendly manufacturer for personal help if you're in Auckland.

NB:  in the recent model sling, the manufacturer has added a diagonal stitched guideline so you can line baby's spine up with it for a better fit in the cradle carry.  Well done Nature's Sway, that's brilliant! 


Adjusting Your Sling - Ladder-lock at the back

Firstly you need to adjust the 'ladder-lock' by tilting it and pulling the strap up through and then looping down underneath. This feature is better to be shorter rather than let out all the way. You may need to put the sling on a few times to test how large/small you need to have the ladder-lock. Pull the excess underneath the ladder-lock.


Adjusting Your Sling - Tail at the front

Now the part with the logo on it, coming out from the clip, is called the 'tail'. You can pull this to adjust it once baby is in, if need be.


Adjusting Your Sling - Safety loop on clip

The later model NS slings are made with a safety loop. If yours has this, it must ALWAYS be used. It goes over the top of the clip and tucks underneath it.


Adjusting Your Sling - Height Too Low!

This sling is much MUCH too low, your baby is not a handbag! This problem can be solved by tightening the Ladder-lock as much as possible, then the front tail.


Adjusting Your Sling - Height Just Right!

Your NS sling should fit so the lowest part (the middle seam) is level with your hip and navel, no lower.


Adjusting Your Sling - Overall View

Now put the sling on your shoulder, leaving your dominant hand free, and spread out the fabric pouch. The clip should be at 'corsage' level, and the padded strap away from your neck.


Nursing Cradle Carry 1

Hold your baby across your free forearm, with her feet folded in your hand. Reach behind the sling with your other hand, to guide baby into the sling. (NB: you can also install baby in this position by laying the sling open on your bed and putting baby in it diagonally, then putting it on. But many find it easier to put baby in afterwards as shown. It's personal preference really.)


Nursing Cradle Carry 2

Guide baby gently, all the way in, until her head is *just* touching the padded outside rail (edge) and she is relatively level/horizontal in the sling. Baby's feet are fine to either stay folded if she likes, or stretch out.


Nursing Cradle Carry 3

Now reach behind baby and pull up the inside padded rail, to use up extra fabric and create a nice fit. You can tuck it down inside the sling. Do the same with the 'foot' end of the sling. Watch for little arms and hands getting stuck between you, and pull them gently free.


Nursing Cradle Carry 4

Reach behind you and pull the back of the sling down so it is comfortable. It should not dig in too much. Spread it and adjust it until it is comfy.


Nursing Cradle Carry 5

This position is ideal for breastfeeding, just pull down the inside rail and latch baby on. Make sure you face baby upwards, and reposition the inside rail when finished. Now off you go!


Diagonal Cradle Carry 1

Hold baby on your 'free' shoulder, and open out the sling.


Diagonal Cradle Carry 2

Supporting baby's head and body, gently lay her into the sling, bottom first. Baby's bottom will be CLOSE to you, and her head AWAY from you, touching the outside rail. This makes her DIAGONAL in the sling, on a 45o angle. Do NOT put baby in lengthways. This is very important. (If you put baby in lengthways following the seam, she will be folded in half.)


Diagonal Cradle Carry 3

Reach in and pull up the inside rail, and tuck the excess inside the sling at baby's feet. This picture shows how lovely and straight the Diagonal position makes baby's neck and back. This is what you want.


Diagonal Cradle Carry 4

You can adjust the height of the sling slightly by pulling the tail as you support baby's weight in your other hand. You may need some help as the fabric can resist a little! Also, see how the shoulder strap is away from my neck, more towards the edge of my shoulder.


Hip Carry 1

This carry is only recommended once baby can sit up themselves and don't need the back support of cradle carries. Sit baby on your hip over the sling, and reach behind to guide baby's legs into the sling.


Hip Carry 2

Reach inside and arrange the sling fabric so baby's bottom is on the middle seam - the lowest point.


Hip Carry 3

Pull the rails well up under baby's bottom, and up her knees on each side.


Hip Carry 4

Bend baby's knees and encourage them up, and her bottom down. Keep supporting her back until you are certain she is well installed in the sling.


Hip Carry 5

Make sure the shoulder strap is comfy, and reach behind you to pull the back down so it doesn't dig in. The top rail should come up to baby's armpits. See how baby's bottom is exactly on the middle seam, and the bottom rail is up to her knees? This gives a good sitting position and means she is securely in the sling.


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