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POUCH- Hip Carry with Pre-Folded Sling (no shoulder flip)

Before you use a pouch, make sure it matches your measurement from shoulder to hip! Baby should be happy, dry and fed before you try new carries.

This 'pre-fold' method is common with American pouch slings. Check your instructions to see if yours uses this.

This carry is suitable for  around 4m+, when baby can support their weight sitting up. 


Step one

This sling, a 'Nelly', is designed NOT to need a shoulder flip. Instead, it is made wider than other brands so you pre-fold it in half before wearing.


Step two

Fold the sling in on itself, so only the 'outside' layer is showing.


Step three

Put the sling on so the opening with two edges is on the top, and the big curved seam is in line with your hip.


Step four

Bring your left hand under the sling to guide baby in. They will sit in the opened out part of the pouch.


Step five

Baby now sits on or just above your hip, with the pouch fabric up to or above their armpits (depending on size). See how the sling naturally 'caps' your shoulder without being flipped. Make sure the fabric comes well up underneath baby, right up to their knees. Encourage bottom down, knees up.


Step six

Make sure the curved seam is in line with baby's spine. See how the knees are up and bottom is down.


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