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RING SLING - Diagonal Cradle Carry

Baby should be happy, dry and fed before you try new carries.  

These instructions are intended for an Open-tailed ring sling, but may also apply to 'Closed Tail & padded rail' ring slings.  Just omit the individual adjusting of the rails. 

This carry is suitable for newborn to 6 months or whenever they get too big.


Sling Check

Before starting, it is recommended to check the stitching of your sling every time. Look for loose threads, pulled fabric and stress spots. If in doubt, DO NOT use your sling until it is fixed. Before using a Ring Sling, you need to make sure the tail is properly threaded, so each rail (edge) enters and leaves the rings on the same side. This makes it easy to adjust.


Step One

Put your sling on your shoulder, leaving your dominant hand free. The rings should be 'too high' to start with, they will be pulled down as you tighten the sling. Have the sling snug-ish, so there's not too much to tighten later.


Step Two - Option A

Lay baby on the forearm of the shoulder the sling rests on. Hold baby's folded feet in your hand, open the sling and deposit baby in bottom first.


Step Two - Option B - more common

Alternatively you can rest baby on your 'free' shoulder, open the sling with your other hand.


Step Three

Open the sling and put baby in bottom first. Their lower half needs to be closer to you and their head *just* touching the outside rail (edge).


Step Four

Bring baby in close to you with your free hand, and pull the top rail part of the tail, to tighten the sling. You can reach in and pull up the inside edge to make the sling more shallow if needed.


Step Five

Support baby underneath with your free hand, and use the other hand to pull the 'bottom rail' part of the tail. This will lift them up to the height you want - about navel level.


Tail as a sunshade....

You can protect baby from the sun (and nosy people) by bringing the tail up over their head. Making sure baby has good airflow of course.


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