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Vendors in New Zealand

NZ Vendors and carriers are listed in alphabetical order. 

Please note : While every carrier type has its pros and cons, Slingbabies is not influenced into recommending any one brand over another.  It is up to you to consider the information available and make your own decision about what is suitable for you and your baby.

Alternatively you can become a member of the Auckland Slingbabies group, and enjoy 2 week trials of a variety of carriers before investing in your own.  

Please contact me if you know of any other NZ vendors to consider for this list.

    Adventure Kids Babywearing coats- LennyLamb BW fleece & SusesKinder Deluxe    
    Baby Wrap NZ made stretchy wrap    
     Baby Vintage  Manduca carrier    
     Baby on the Move  Moby wrap, Storchenwiege woven wrap, Kozy carrier, Manduca    
    Bambina Manduca, Tula, Lillebaby    
    Bebop Neobulle woven wrap    
    Bellaroo Peanutshell Pouch, Bellaroo Pouch sling, Ergo carrier    
    Belly Beyond
Dulce&Zoet pouch sling, Ergo carrier, Popit stretchy wrap, Unido pouch, Breeze Baby water-sling.    
Patapum Carrier (Baby or Toddler size) , Moby wrap, Kozy      
    Cheeky Cherubs Close Baby Carriers, Caboo Carriers, Manduca, Kozy .    
Unido pouch, Manduca carrier
    Dulce & Zoet Pouch Sling
     Handsfree Baby  Ring sling    
     Hip Mama
 Ring Sling
    Hoppediz NZ
Hoppediz woven wrap, Hoppediz ring sling, Bondolino carrier., mob.021 2543827    
    Keoni Slings  Pleated shoulder ring sling (021 1567732), Girasol woven wrap    
    Little Love
 Mei tai
    La Leche League
Pouch Sling (only from Auckland Central Branch)
    Mother's Instinct
Manduca, Moby Wrap, Unido pouch sling, Beco Butterfly II carrier, Kozy Carrier
    My Natural Baby Kozy carriers and Tummy2Tummy DVDs, Unido pouch sling, Je Porte Mon Bebe stretchy wrap, Storchenwiege woven wrap, Manduca    
    Nature's Sway Sling, pouch pack, stretchy wrap    
    Nestling Slings
Merino pouch sling
     Nurnurz  pouch sling    
     Nurtured  Storchenwiege ring sling, Nature's Sway sling    
    Oyako Designs
Ring Sling and Mei-tai    
     Organic Baby  Caboo carrier, Moby wrap, Nature's Sway carry wrap, Manduca, Tula carrier    
Stretchy wrap
    Popit Stretchy wrap
    Rockabye Baby
Maya Wrap ring sling, Pikkolo carrier, Peanutshell, Bear Hug Baby ring slings.   (no website) 225 Burnett St, Ashburton 03 3072466
Popit wrap, Moby wrap, Unido pouch sling, Manduca
    Scarecrowfarm Moby stretchy wrap, Water wrap, BabyHawk Mei Tai, Manduca     
    The Sleepstore  Manduca, Moby, Storchenwiege ring slings & woven wraps, Oscha and Diva Milano, Tula carrier, Ergo carrier.    
    Snugglez Mei-tai, pouch sling
    3 Wise Monkeys
Peanutshell pouch sling, Breeze Baby ring sling
     Tangelo Craft  Custom Mei Tai & Half Buckle carriers    
Boba carrier, Beco Butterfly II, Beco Gemini, Manduca, Moby wrap, Boba wrap    
    We Two Babywearing  Girasol woven wraps, Natibaby woven wraps, woven wrap ring sling conversions.    

Woven wraps: Didymos, Girasol, Ellevil, Lenny Lamb, Little Frog.  Wrapsody stretchy wraps.  Ring slings:  Girasol, Little Frog, Keoni, Summer slings (light).  Mei-tai carriers:  Didy-tai, My-Sol, BB-tai, custom wrap conversions.  Jumpsac-Orbit buckle carrier.

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