Our sling library is a chance for you to try out carriers to find out what suits you because carriers choices are personal and vary. Often you don’t know what works until you try!


Membership to the sling library is $15 for a year. Non-members are welcome to try on carriers at meetings but may not borrow.


Loaning conditions:

  • You must be a paid member of Slingbabies to loan out a carrier.

  • Membership is $15 per year with your first fortnight loan or $30 for your first month’s loan.

  • Further loans are $15 for the month.

  • You may take out one carrier per loan.

  • A $5 late fee applies for carriers not returned on the due date. You can post a carrier back at your cost via tracked courier.

  • You take full responsibility for the safety of your child whilst using a Slingbabies loaner carrier.

  • You are liable to pay 50% replacement cost up to a limit of $150 should a carrier be damaged in your care and/ or need replacing.

  • You agree to take excellent care of any carriers loaned and not to wash them.