The Volunteers

Ronni  O'Brien

Hi, I am Ronni! I have been a volunteer with Slingbabies for around 8 years. I started coming to meets to get help with my own carriers and fell in love!! I fell in love with the textiles, with the tools which have made this parenting gig a bit easier and I fell in love with the community based around carrying my babies.

I have three children with 2 year age gaps. Thank goodness for babywearing getting me through life as a photographer and a Playcentre mama.

I look forward to meeting you and hopefully sharing the love of babywearing!

Sherylee Teoh

I'm Sherylee and I am one of the Slingbabies volunteers. I am a mum to 2 children with a 6 year age gap! Babywearing saved my sanity when my oldest was in year one at school and I had a newborn. It gave me free hands to carry all the stuff that had to go to school every day. Plus it helped to settle my Velcro reflux baby, she always wanted to be held and thanks to babywearing not only did I have free hands but I also didn't get tired arms or a sore back.
Babywearing not only introduced me to an awesome group of mama's who have become my tribe (many of which you will find a Slingbabies meets sharing their knowledge and love of babywearing) it also led me to my current job as Country Leader and West Auckland instructor of Kangatraining. This fantastic program incorporates 2 things I love babywearing and exercise and led me to train to be a qualified Babywearing Consultant as well. I love sharing my knowledge so that parents and caregivers can add another tool to their parenting tool belt

Maree  Kirikiri
Kia Ora, I'm Maree and I'm one of the volunteers at slingbabies. I became interested in baby wearing while pregnant and knew that it would make things easier being able to still use my hands. I came along to sling babies with my daughter when she was only 3 weeks old. I loved seeing her so comfortable snuggled up to me and it helped me be more confident getting out and about with her. We kept coming each month last year to try different carriers and learn new ways to wrap. I thoroughly enjoy learning ways to carry my toddler, spending time with these lovely ladies and now helping other families learn about baby wearing and working out what suits their needs. I hope everyone has as great a introduction to baby wearing as I did.
Jess Maher  Williamson


Hi I'm Jess, mama to three boys. I discovered babywearing as an invaluable tool very early in my parenting journey when my eldest wouldn't let me put him down for the first two years of his life! Slings and carriers have also massively helped my whanau and I as we added more little people, dealt with operations and illnesses, they have opened up opportunities to explore and travel and so much more. I am so passionate about this parenting tool I have completed several internationally accredited consultant training courses and set up a business, Babywearing with Jess, which provides training and support online, for groups, retail and medical professionals and individualised consults. I am among other things a Playcentre mum, Slingbabies volunteer and also part of the Helensville Birthing Centre trained breastfeeding supporter team. I am incredibly passionate about supporting parents to feel empowered and confident about carrying their kids.

 Susie Trinh
Kia ora, I'm Susie. I had severe Pelvic Girdle Pain (symphysis pubis) with a dash of sciatica during my pregnancy. I used crutches and a walker from 14weeks. A friend recommended I try wrapping my hapu belly to ease pressure off my pelvis. That's how I ended up going along to Slingbabies the first time. I came away with a way to move some of that weight off my pelvis and distribute it across my shoulders and provide some support to my lower back. When bubs came he was a whopping 4.2kg and my post partum recovery was achingly (literally) slow. I couldn't lift a capsule or hoist a pram out of the car. So I'd pick up my son and front carry. It was a lifeline and the only way I could leave the house without help.