Keep baby close in a safe and positive way

Slingbabies is a not for profit organisation. We are a group of women that believe that babywearing is one of the most important tools in our arsenal to raise well rounded children. We would love to help you find the joy too!

We meet in Henderson Heights once a month where you will get the opportunity to watch a short demo of the carriers and then we have some time to answer questions and show you how to use your carriers. We also have quite an extensive library of carriers for you to hire for two weeks or 1 month at a very small charge. We highly recommend doing this so you can experience a carrier or two and make sure you love before you buy.

> Help with fitting your carrier


> Hire a carrier


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> Monthly meetings

Lara Shackleton

Hi, on Friday we went to the meet out west. The presenters were fantastic, really knowledgeable and keen to share. As a ftm, my world had completely changed when my son arrived in January, but after going to the meet and being supported to get our mei dai and manduca used successfully, we were out and about over the weekend. I am now feeling confident enough to show family members how to wear him and we are getting inside and outside jobs done without any stress or worry for either of us. Was so pleased to finally get to spend time with my horses (and work their fat butts!), have missed them terribly and really appreciated all of the help I got from the 3 of you! Also my mum and husband aren't moaning at me all the time about the ring sling being scary and to put my hand under his butt lol

Tansy. April 2019

Tansy. April 2019

Love this group all the ladies are so helpful in getting advice and trying all the different kinds of wraps and carriers -

Nicole. April 2019

Awesome support in using a variety of carriers at the monthly meet. Thank you! 

Manasee. February 2019

To everyone who wants to know more about baby wear this is definitely the place.. all the moms there are very helpful and genuine. Along with that it’s a wonderful chance to meet all new mom’s

Jess. May 2018

I bought a ringsling while pregnant with my second baby, and could not figure it out despite watching all the YouTube videos. I went along to slingbabies and they showed me in person how to set it up for a baby, and also how to wrap my belly. Baby arrived 2 weeks later and I had him happily in the sling the next day. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to learn from the ladies at slingbabies, and will be returning for some fine tuning