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About Slingbabies

Hi there, my name is Jess.  I have been an ECE and Primary teacher, and  LLLeader. I am a lucky mum of 3 busy kids.

My first baby was really unsettled with bad wind and colic symptoms, and was only happy when in a frontpack or being held. 
Unfortunately I didn't discover the joy of other baby carriers until he was almost a year old, but I was determined to use a sling from day one with my next baby.  She has been a dream, so contented, secure and happy.  Completely different to my first parenting experience, and I credit at least half of it to baby being worn in a carrier.   My last baby is Miss Independent, her need for physical contact was met so much when she was little, she demands her independence now she's older!

I formed the Slingbabies group in June 2007 in response to a huge gap in babywearing support in NZ.  The only information I could find was on international websites, and there was nothing in NZ for real-life sling support.  Over time I gathered a lot of knowledge about carriers and babywearing, so decided to create a real-life group to help other mums.  We have built up a sizeable sling library to lend carriers so people can 'try before they buy', as most good carriers are only available online and it isn't possible to trial them. 

This website is a natural continuance of the group, to have information and vendors relevant to NZ so people know what's available here. 

I do it all in my own time, with my own money and donations.  I just love to see babies in carriers, and want to share what I've learned.  

Slingbabies has grown and developed over the last 10 years. We now have a fan page on Facebook, and are referenced internationally as a babywearing expert resource.


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