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Sling Instructions

'Slingbabies' step-by-step photo instruction links:


Great instructions on other sites: 

Using your baby carrier: The 
 Go here for  instructions for every carrier, on 

'Correct Positioning' by M'liss Stelzer on TBW
See this article online, or download the recently updated PDF from 'Articles' section.

'Draagdoekmama' on Youtube- wrapping expert, videos in Flemish but VERY easy to understand and follow.  She makes it look so simple, definitely worth a look.

Zolowear on Youtube - pouches and ring slings- great, easy to follow videos. 

Pouch Slings:

Dulce&Zoet- Cradle & Hip carries (shoulder flip) 

Kangaroo Korner- all carries (adjustable pouch but works for normal ones)

'Using a Pouch' by Jen Moore on TBW 

Tummy to Tummy with shoulder flip(video)

Kangaroo Carry  

Kangaroo Carry (prefold)- video

Hip Carry (prefold) - video 

Ring Slings: 

Zolowear Ring Sling Troubleshooting Guide

Zolowear- Threading your Ring Sling (video) 

Zolowear Pouch and Ring Sling wearing link table

Chicken Scratch Ring Sling instruction page

Nature's Sway Sling Instructions- sling adjustment

Nature's Sway Sling Instructions- diagonal cradle & hip carry

Draagdoekmama - Ring Sling Cradle carry (video)

Draagdoekmama - Getting started with a Ring Sling (silent video)  

Asian Style Carriers:

'Quick Back Carry in a Mei-tai' by Jenrose (video)

High back carry with Mei-Tai (video)

Great Mei-tai instruction page at Kozy Carriers

Wide Blanket Podaegi Back Carry 

Freehand Baby - Onbuhimo / Podaegi / Hmong back carry instructions

Draagdoekmama - Podaegi Back Carry (video) 

Draagdoekmama - Mei-Tai Back Carry with hip scoot & Tibetan finish (video) 

Draagdoekmama - Mei-Tai Front Carry (video)

Mei-Tai -Basic Front Carry (video) 

Mei-Tai - Front Carry (video)

How to use your Ergo

Little Possums - Ergo/Patapum Instructions 

Manduca Back Carry


- TBW Comprehensive Wrap Instruction Links Table

- Moby's Stretchy Wrap Instructions

- Peppermint's Woven Wrap Instructions

- Miscellaneous carries with rebozo/short wrap

- Miscellaneous methods for getting your baby on your back

Front Carry with a long wrap (4-5m)

- Front Cross Carry (FCC)

- Newborn Front Wrap Carry with Twists & Headrest

- Draagdoekmama - Front Cross Carry (FCC) with newborn (video)  

- Draagdoekmama - Front carries for Breastfeeding (video)

- Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) plus breastfeeding (video)

- Draagdoekmama - Newborn front cross & cradle carry (video)  

- Draagdoekmama - Kangaroo carry (video) 

- Draagdoekmana - Front Cross Carry with baby in arms (video)  

- FWCC with larger baby, transition from a back carry (video)

- Front Pocket Cross Carry with baby Aurora (video) - so sweet to see this daddy wrap his wee girl!

Front Carry with a short wrap (3-4m)

- Kangaroo Front Carry

- Kangaroo Front Carry (video)

- Semi-FWCC with a rebozo

Back Carry with a short wrap (3-4m)

- Rucksack Back Carry

- Rucksack Back Carry (video)

- Rucksack with Sandwiched Shoulders

- Tibetan Rucksack Back Carry

- Draagdoekmama - Rucksack back carry w/ Tibetan finish (video) 

- Rucksack with Chest Belt (video)

- Rucksack with Lexi twist (video)

- Easy African Khanga method

- African Khanga tie

- How to carry your baby on your back in a Kanga

- Kanga carry by African mama (video)  

- Torso Carry with short wrap (video)

Back Carry with a long wrap (4-5m)

- Draagdoekmama- Torso back carry with long wrap (video)

- Secured High Back Carry (SHBC)

- Paulus' SHBC ( video)

- Paulus' SHBC with rucksack straps (video)

- Paulus' SHBC with newborn (video)

- Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) with Chest Belt (CB)

- BWCC with CB (video)

- Double Hammock (Chunei) Back Carry with newborn

- Draagdoekmama - BWCC with chest belt (video) 

- Another BWCC with CB with wrap ends off the ground (video)

- BWCC with Rucksack straps

- Draagdoekmama - BWCC -Didymos method (video) 

- BWCC with fussy baby (video)

- Jordan's Back Carry (JBC)

- JBC (video)

- SHBC/JBC Hybrid Back Carry (video)

- Wiggle-Proof Back Carry (WPBC)

- WPBC (video)

- Wrap Your Baby - Infant BWCC  

- Wrap Your Baby -  Infant Rucksack Carry

- Newborn Tibetan Rucksack Carry

Hip Carry 

How to make a slipknot in rebozo

- Rebozo hip carry with slipknot (video)

- How to make a sling with a bedsheet (thanks to Magic City Slingers!)

- Robyn's Hip Carry with long wrap

- Rebozo Hip Carry no tying (video)

- Coolest Hip Cross Carry (CHCC)

- CHCC (video)

Carrying two babies-

- Draagdoekmama - Carrying two in a wrap - Ruck & FCC (video) 

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