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Friends of Slingbabies

Here are some amazing non-profit groups that Slingbabies likes- please check them out:

The Baby Wearer- babywearing's biggest international website, full of fascinating information and instructions. Great friendly forum too!

The Nappy Network - NZ's own cloth nappy support site, great information about all kinds of cloth nappies, with a wonderful community. Whatever you need to know about nappies, it's in here!

La Leche League NZ - a wonderful bunch of mums who love to help other new mums with breastfeeding, at meetings or on the phone.   The best, most up to date information you can get on  breastfeeding.

NUMB - Neonatal Unity for Mother and Baby .  A lovely site for support and information on having a premature baby in NZ.  




An enormous thank you goes to the many mamas of TheBabyWearer, who were kind enough to let me use their pictures in my advertising and website. You have made such a difference to this website! (please let me know if you change your mind too)

Thanks to (using their TBW/BCDU nicknames)

Alystyn, BearHugBaby, Cammie, Cbmr777, CDMaze, CGP, Cuties02q, Emma Davidson, Esther Sunnex,  Iolanthe, J&FsMom, Janstar, Jbp, Jonkitlib, KarrimeBub, Kirsty, Kismet, Lbff, Lilsprstr, Macrina, MamaM, Mimieliza,  Mira76, Mommy2LivandNoah, MotherMary, MrsDimples, NancyDrew, Pfamilygal, Phoenix1985, PhotoMom, PinkSapphire, Sanveann, Satori, Sd601, StalkerMagnet, StrawberryDelight, Sunnymw, Teb2, Tineke, Ummbrahim, VelvetyFive. Sorry if I've missed anyone!

Thanks also to M'liss Stelzer and Paulus Wanandi for their help with supplying articles and knowledge!



  • Lastly, a big thanks to our friends at Vivid IT Systems Ltd , for donating use of the Bizweb programme, they made it so easy to create this website! 



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