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Description:  A pouch sling is a circle of fabric with a curved seam. It may be single or double layered, and most are cotton or cotton/lycra mix.  Pouches rest across one shoulder, with baby held in the curved pouch part.  

Poppability:  Excellent 

Fitting:  Although pouches are a great first carrier because of their simplicity, there is a 'knack' to fitting them to mum and baby. A pouch should match the parent's approximate centimetre measurement from shoulder to hip bone. Any bigger and baby will swing around like a handbag. Any smaller and well.... squish! 

A well fitting pouch sling will keep baby high and snug, close to your centre of gravity.  Baby's bottom should always rest on the curved seam, no matter what position they are in. 

There are two types of pouch: the first is quite a 'slim' design, where the top is flipped over to 'cap' your shoulder.  Brands that use this method are Dulce&Zoet, Snugglez and Siddha-Stuff.

The second type is wider, and needs to be pre-folded in half, with the 'pouch' part opening up at the bottom.  It doesn't  need flipping, but naturally 'caps' your shoulder. Nelly, Hotslings, Peanutshell and Kangaroo Korner all need to be pre-folded.

Which method you should use, depends on each sling's particular instructions; both styles are completely fine.  It is possible to breastfeed in a pouch- baby in a cradle position with head away from the 'capped' shoulder being the most comfortable way, or in a hip position if you and baby are agile!

Positions: Cradle, upright cradle, tummy to tummy, kangaroo, hip, back. 

Pros: Simple, quick, easy, great 'starter' carrier, folds down small.

Cons:  Need exact measurement, only one person can use the pouch, one shoulder may tire after a while carrying heavy baby.



Measurement for a pouch

Corner of shoulder to top of hip bone, the way a seatbelt goes...


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