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  We don't sell anything, so are unbiased- we just love to match up the right carrier and baby!

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  'Bag-type' slings are dangerous! 
(e.g.Premaxx, Infantino, Baby First, and
any from 'gdog1111' on TradeMe.)

Read our Bag Slings page

'Correct Positioning' page

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  Slingbabies is a non-profit educational babywearing resource and group,to promote and support parents wearing their babies in slings.  Here you will find expert advice and information on many types of babycarriers, and where to get them. 

No payment is accepted for recommending any one brand over another, all information is based on merits of the carriers themselves.  It is up to you to read the information here and use it to choose the best baby carrier for you and your precious little one.  
As with all information, please take from this website what you like, and leave what doesn't suit.  We are not here to dictate to you what you must do.  
Choose what feels right for you and your baby.

Thank you for joining us, have fun browsing, and please contact us with any suggestions.

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