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MEI-TAI - Back Carry with Hip-Scoot

Important: you should check your carrier for safety, before EVERY use.  Make sure seams and stitches are intact, and check for wear and tear.  If you discover a fault, do NOT use it.

Like any new skill, back carries take a little longer to learn, and a little more care.  For your baby's safety, and your peace of mind, it is recommended that you kneel and/or practice over a very soft surface like a duvet, for your first few tries.   Have a person to act as a 'spotter', and use a mirror to help you.  Make sure baby is happy, fed and dry before you try any new carry.

This back carry is suitable once baby can sit up themselves and support their head weight, so around 4m+.  Or you could see Kozy Carriers for a newborn high back carry if you like. 


Step one

Tie the mei-tai around your waist, upside down and inside out. Leave enough room on the waistband to shuffle it around later. Place baby on your hip and bring the panel up her back. Lean your hip out to support baby.


Step two

Lean forward and bring your right hand over to 'scoot' baby around to your back. Make sure the mei-tai panel stays up around her back as you shuffle her.


Step three

Once baby is *almost* settled in, pull up the straps and (while still leaning forward) jiggle baby down a little.


Step four

Clamp the shoulder straps firmly between your knees. Now you can jiggle and shuffle baby around to get her properly into the centre of the carrier, and encourage her knees up and bum down.


Step five

Bring the shoulder straps around to the back, over baby's thighs. (or under, if that is your preference) You may tie under the bottom if you like, and finish here.


Step six

Or if you still have a lot of strap length left, you can bring them under baby's legs again and around the front.


Step seven

Or you can bring the straps up, and thread each one through the OPPOSITE shoulder.


Step eight

Tie in a square knot. Make sure if you are breastfeeding, that the straps are well to the sides of your breasts. You do not want to cause blocked ducts. However, this is a great 'finish' for tying your Mei-tai, so you don't have to worry about keeping the straps on your shoulders.


Dismount one

Untie the shoulder straps, holding them firmly in your left hand. Right hand under baby's bottom.


Dismount one cont'd

Use your right hand to shuffle baby around to the front, and your left hand to pull the shoulder straps around.


Dismount option two

Sit on a chair, slightly forward. Holding the shoulder straps, gently ease baby back into the chair.


Dismount option two cont'd

Do not let go until you are sure they are safely in the chair. A chair with sides is preferable. Once they are safely in the chair, you can undo the waist straps.


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