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POUCH - Hip Carry with Peanutshell

Before you use a pouch, make sure it matches your measurement from shoulder to hip! Baby should be happy, dry and fed before you try new carries.

This 'pre-fold' method is common with American pouch slings. Check your instructions to see if yours uses this.

This carry is suitable for around 4m+, when baby can support their weight sitting up.


Step one

Prefold your Peanutshell so the padded edge is at the inside/top, and the pocket is on the outside, as shown.


Step two

Put the Peanutshell over your shoulder (usually the right shoulder with this particular brand, but it is up to personal preference). The pocket should be slightly in front of your hip.


Step three

Bring your hand up underneath to guide baby into the sling.


Step four

Baby should sit in the pouch created, with the padded edge under her knees as shown. Knees up, bottom down. The pocket should be in line with baby's spine. Bring the top of the sling up to baby's armpits/neck, depending on size.


Step five

Off you go! You may also shuffle baby around to your front, this is quite comfortable.


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