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WRAP - Back Wrap Cross Carry

As with any new carry, it is good to practice with a fed, dry, happy baby. 

Back carries are only recommended with a woven wrap

Back wrapping is not dangerous in itself, but it obviously requires a little more concentration and practice than front carries.  Be sensible, take it slowly and carefully.  Don't get discouraged if at first you don't succeed - just try again, you'll get it!

When you first start, we recommend practicing kneeling down on a soft surface for your peace of mind.  Have a 'spotter' there just in case.  

This carry is suitable for approx. 4-5 months onwards, once baby has good head control /  neck strength. 




Step One

Start with baby on your right hip with the middle of the wrap over their back. Position baby as much onto the 'back' of your hip as you can, to lessen the 'switch' in the next step below.


Step Two

Lean forward,and HOLLOW your back. Bring your RIGHT hand over their head and underneath them, to shuffle baby up and onto your back. Keep at least one hand on baby at all times. See how my left hand is gripping baby's right thigh.


Step Three

Making sure the wrap is fully over their body, bring it forward and tie a half knot at your sternum. Now reach behind you and tuck the bottom edge of the wrap well under baby's bottom, bringing your hands under their thighs and making sure baby's legs are free of the wrap. The top rail (edge) should be as far up to their neck as possible.


Step Four

Keep that back hollow, so you don't pop baby off! Take the right 'tail' and lay it over your right arm.


Step Five

Pass the top rail from your right hand around to your left hand. Keep that back hollow! You can do a 'mummy dance' if baby is fussy.


Step Six

Spread the fabric as much as possible, for maximum coverage of baby. Tuck it under their bottom, and bring it up to their neck/shoulder.  Pass the end UNDER baby's leg and clamp it firmly between your knees.


Step Seven

Do the same with the left tail - top rail up over your left shoulder, over baby, spread as much as you can.


Step Eight

Now bunch and tuck under baby's right leg. You should still have the other end clamped between your knees.


Step Nine

Hold one end in each hand, and do a couple of little jumps as you pull the ends tight to remove any slack. This is really important for woven wraps, because they don't have much stretch. Now tie at your waist in a secure square knot. You may need to bring the tails around to the back again to tie, if you have a lot of wrap left.


Back View

Baby now has a band across her back on the inside, and a cross over each way. This is very secure.  You want baby to be 'high and snug' on your back.  If you can feel baby sitting on your lower back or pelvis, she is too low and you need to tighten the wrap.  


Sleepy baby

If baby wants to sleep, have someone gently pull over the 'outside' cross to support their head - leaving their face free of course. Or you can do this yourself with a bit of practice in front of the mirror!


Front View

You may choose to spread out the shoulders, or leave them bunched. You can adjust the height/tightness of the half knot with a little pull & jiggle, you will find what is comfortable to you. It does take a while to get used to having the knot on your sternum, but it is great for taking weight off your shoulders so you don't feel like you need to keep straps them. Breastfeeding mothers should beware of mastitis and make the fabric as high as possible above their breasts.


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