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RING SLING - Nursing Cradle Carry

Baby should be happy, fed and dry before attempting new carries. 

To nurse / breastfeed in this type of sling, pull down the inside edge and face baby toward you.  Latch on as normal, and you can pull up the outside of the sling for privacy, or put the tail of the sling over.  The tail also makes a good sunshade.

Remember to face baby upwards again when they're finished, to allow proper airflow. 

This carry is suitable for newborn upwards, until you feel baby is too big - around 4-5m 

These instructions are intended for an Open-tailed ring sling, but may also apply to 'Closed Tail & padded rail' ring slings.  Just omit the individual adjusting of the rails. 


Sling Check

Before starting, it is recommended to check the stitching of your sling every time. Look for loose threads, pulled fabric and stress spots. If in doubt, DO NOT use your sling until it is fixed. Before using a Ring Sling, you need to make sure the tail is properly threaded, so each rail (edge) enters and leaves the rings on the same side. This makes it easy to adjust.


Step One

Put your sling on your shoulder, leaving your dominant hand free. Start with the rings 'too high'. They will be pulled down when you tighten the sling. Have the sling decently snug - so you don't have heaps to tighten later.


Step Two

Lay baby on your free arm, with her feet crossed in your hand. Open the sling and carefully slide baby in.


Step Three

Baby's head should be *just* touching the outside rail, and their body a little above horizontal. Supporting baby's weight in your free hand, pull the whole tail as you lift baby up. This gathers up any slack and leaves baby at the height you want - about navel height or higher.


Step Four

Pull the 'top rail' part of the tail, as you gather it in with your other hand. This will bring baby's top half in closer to you.


Step Five

Now pull the 'bottom rail' part of the tail, as you lift baby and / or make the bottom rail tighter underneath. This lifts baby up and creates a nice pocket for them to lay in.


Step Six

Spread the fabric at the back as much as possible, this will spread the weight and avoid pressure points.


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