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POUCH - Hip Carry with Flip Shoulder

Before you use a pouch, make sure it matches your measurement from shoulder to hip! Baby should be happy, dry and fed before you try new carries.   

This carry is suitable for  around 4m+, when baby can support their weight sitting up.  


Step one

Put pouch over to rest on your shoulder, leaving your dominant hand free. (so right handed people will have it on their left shoulder and vice versa) The curved seam must be at the bottom, slightly to the front. The bottom opens out to create the 'pouch'.


Step two

Holding your baby on your hip, reach your left hand under and through the sling.


Step three

Gently guide baby into the sling, taking care of little toes and hands.


Step four

Baby sits in the pouch, on your hip. Her bottom should be down, knees up. Bring the pouch fabric up underneath baby, right up to her knees. The sling should come up to or above baby's armpits, depending on their size. Up at your shoulder, the bottom edge of the sling should be about the level of where a t-shirt sleeve stops.


Step five

Baby's spine must be in line with the curved seam pointed at in the picture. This is the lowest part of the pouch. Note how you can see baby's bottom is well below her knees- this is excellent.


Step six

Reach up with your free hand and 'flip' the shoulder over to expose the reverse side. This makes the sling 'cap' your shoulder, spreading the weight nicely.


Step seven

Encourage baby's knees up to help them into the 'frog' position. Make sure the fabric is up to their knees too.


Step eight

Reach behind you and pull down the fabric to spread it as much as possible. This helps distribute the weight across a large area of your back, making it more comfortable.


Hip to back carry....

Recommended only once baby has good back strength

You can shuffle baby around to your back, to give you hands-free for laundry/chores etc, as long as the pouch is a snug fit and won't let them lean back from you. Put your right hand behind baby as if you are hugging her, hold the sling in your left hand.


Hip carry to back carry cont'd.....

Shuffle baby around so they are still sitting on your hip, but behind your arm. Adjust the shoulder so it is still comfortable for you. Make sure the fabric is still well up behind baby's knees, and that she is comfortable too. Off you go!


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