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WRAP - Hip Cross Carry w/ Long Wrap

Not everyone has a pouch or ring sling to do a hip carry, so here's a version you can try with a long wrap. If you have a short wrap you can just tie it once around your waist.  You can use a stretchy wrap for this, or a woven wrap.  You won't need to pre-fold a stretchy wrap though.

As with all new carries, make sure your baby is happy, fed and dry before starting.  

This carry is suitable for once baby is sitting up unaided, around 6m+.   


Step one - Prefold

If you have a wide, woven wrap you may like to pre-fold it in half to make it easier to work with.  


Step Two

Hang the middle of the wrap over your favourite shoulder, with the 'open' ends facing inwards.  Cross the wrap at your hip.


Step Three

Continue wrapping around your hips to use up the excess fabric, and tie where suitable.


Step Four

Pull the 'hip' part out slightly to make room for your baby.


Step Five

Gently guide baby's legs into each side of the cross, keeping a hand on her at all times.


Step Six

Spread the fabric up well so baby's torso is covered to her armpits, and from knee to knee.


Step Seven

You can leave the shoulder as it is, or you can flip it.  Reach under the shoulder, grab the outside edge and pull it under to flip it. This will cap your shoulder really nicely.  This carry is very close to the fit of a pouch sling.


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