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WRAP - Front Wrap Cross Carry

With all new carries, make sure baby is dry, fed and happy before attempting. 

This carry is suitable from Newborn to as big as you like (around 12-18 months), and is great for tying over a baby who has fallen asleep on your tummy, without disturbing them.  

You can do this carry with either a stretchy or woven wrap.  This FWCC method needs to be tied with every use.  (FPCC can be pre-tied)


Step One

Find the middle of the wrap, and spread it across your tummy.  


Step Two

Bring each side of the wrap up and over the opposite shoulder.


Step Three

Let the two ends fall over your shoulders and hang down.  Pull the front pocket part out slightly so you can fit baby in.


Step Four

Gently put baby in the front part, tucking it well under her bottom  and drawing her legs up around your waist. (If baby is younger than 11-12 weeks then you may tuck their legs underneath them until they are big enough to poke out)


Step Five

Tighten each end of the wrap by pulling them over your shoulders to take out any slack, then bring them down to baby's bottom.


Step Six

Cross the wrap ends under baby's bottom and pull snug.


Step Seven

Tie in a reef / square knot at the back (or if you still have lots left you can bring it round to the front again to tie.)


All Done

Encourage baby's bottom down, and her knees up, so she's sitting comfortably.  You may like to flip up each edge of the shoulders to give you a bit of arm-freedom, or keep them down on a chilly day - either is fine.  Baby's arms can be in (for younger babies) or out (for older babies). Just make sure the fabric is well up under their necks /  armpits to stop them pushing back from your chest.   Now at this point you are good to go, it's ok to have the one layer of fabric, especially on a hot day.  Or you can spread each cross as below......


Spreading the crosses

If you like, you can spread the crosses.  Pull the fabric as wide as you can, from knee to knee and well over her back.   Many people find spreading the crosses helps baby feel a bit more secure on them. 


Sleepy Baby

If baby falls asleep you can tuck her head in one side of the wrap, leaving her face free.


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