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RING SLING - Tummy to Tummy Carry

Always ensure baby is happy, fed and dry before you try new carries.

Make sure your Ring Sling fabric is threaded correctly through the rings.   There should be no twisting of fabric, and each edge should pass through the rings and out again clearly.  

This carry is suitable for Newborn onwards, and is great for reflux/colicky babies.  

Step One

Put the sling on your shoulder, leaving your dominant hand free.  The rings should be 'too high' - they will be pulled down as you tighten it later.   Rest baby up on your 'free' shoulder, slip your other hand up inside the sling to guide baby's body down into the pouch part of the sling.


Step Two

Slip baby down into the sling, facing you, with their legs folded up comfortably as they would when you hold them.   It is very important that you encourage baby's bottom down and his knees up, in the correct frog-leg position.   Tiny babies under 10-11 weeks may have their legs tucked in the sling. Older babies can have their legs poking out either side to straddle you. 


Step Three

Supporting baby with your free hand, pull the whole tail of the sling to draw up the slack.  You need to lift baby as you do this, or it will be difficult to pull through.   The rings will go down your shoulder to the correct 'corsage' position as you pull the tail. 


Step Four

Pull the bottom rail as you lift baby up a bit, this will adjust the height.


Step Five

Pull the top rail now, this will draw baby in closer to you. This is very important especially for newborns, so their backs are supported and they don't slouch.  You may need to pull the middle part of the tail as well. 


Step Six

Reach behind you and spread the fabric as much as you can.  This will spread the weight across your back and make it easier to carry baby for longer.


Using the tail...

You can use the sling tail to cover baby and protect them from sun, wind, prying eyes and as privacy for nursing.  (Always keep their nose and mouth free though)


Releasing the rings...

You can loosen the sling and / or release the fabric, by pulling up the outside ring.  Support baby with your other hand as you pull the ring up and away.  Don't loosen it *too* much, so you don't have a lot of slack to tighten up next time.


Out comes baby

Peel away the sling from baby, and gently lift him up onto your free shoulder.


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