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RING SLING - Hip Carry w/ Open Tail

Before you start:

Always ensure baby is happy, fed and dry before you try new carries.

Make sure your Ring Sling fabric is threaded correctly through the rings.   There should be no twisting of fabric, and each edge should pass through the rings and out again clearly.  

This carry is suitable for 4m+, when baby can support their weight sitting up.  



Step one

Put the sling on, leaving your dominant hand/shoulder free. The rings should be too high at first. (they will be pulled down by tightening the sling later.) The sling should be not too loose at first, pull the tail a bit to gather up the slack so you don't have to tighten it *too* much once baby is in.


Step two

Put baby in the sling on your hip, making sure the fabric is well up underneath her bum and up to her knees. Her legs should be in the 'frog' position -knees up bum down. Bring the fabric up to her neck.


Step three

Supporting baby with your free hand, use your other hand to pull the 'tail' and tighten the sling.


Step four

Pulling the top rail (edge) will bring baby in closer to you, and keep her secure.


Step five

Pulling the bottom rail 'lifts' baby up to a good position just above your hip. Ensure the fabric stays well tucked up under baby's bum to her knees.


Step six

See how the shoulder of the sling 'caps' my shoulder. This helps distribute baby's weight and stops it digging in.


Step seven

Spread out the back of the sling as much as you can- the more spread, the better the weight distribution, and the more comfy it will be for you.


Releasing the rings

Pull the outer ring up. This will release the fabric through the rings. (They are self-locking otherwise) Support baby with your other hand. Don't loosen the sling too much, so you won't have to tighten it heaps next time.


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