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PATAPUM - Front Carry

Always make sure baby is well, fed and happy before attempting new carries. 

This set of instructions is pictured with a Patapum soft-structured carrier, but can apply to the Ergo carrier as well - just omit the part with the torso-strap.   

(Please check your carrier every single time you useit.  If you see any pulled stitching or stressed areas, do NOT use it,and contact your vendor for help.)


Step One

Put the carrier on your hips, with the inside flipping over to face out. 


Step Two

Fasten the clip at the back, make sure you hear and feel it 'click' into place.  Pull each strap to tighten it snugly around your hips.  With the Ergo, you will slip the safety loop over the clip.


Step Three

Loosen the straps a little so you have a bit to work with.


Step Four

Hold your baby, and guide her foot through between the main strap and the panel.  (With the Ergo, baby's legs will just rest over the main panel.)


Step Five

Guide baby's other foot through the straps, still supporting her body.


Step Six

Pull both straps up with the panel, and jiggle a little to settle baby's body down into the carrier. 


Step Seven

With your arm across baby supporting her body, pull the first strap up over your shoulder.


Step Eight

Now pull up the other strap, keeping a good hold on it!


Step Nine

Travel your hands up along each strap till you find the halves of the clip to click together.  You may want to shuffle it down a little off your neck once it's fastened.


Step Ten

Pull baby's knees up, and encourage her bottom down into the carrier.  This will give her a nice seated position. Make sure baby is centered in the carrier, and her feet and hands are not caught in any straps etc.


Adjusting the main straps

Lift baby's bottom slightly as you pull each main shoulder strap 'tail'.  This will take up any slack and make sure baby is a good height on you.  Pull the strap DOWN rather than across.


Adjusting the thin 'torso' strap

Now pull each thin 'torso' strap, this will bring baby in closer to you for a snug fit.  (Patapum only)


Sleeping hood

You can use the sleeping hood by loosening the straps and bringing the hood up over baby's head.


Sleeping hood

Reach behind you and fasten the clip onto the D-ring. Sometimes contortion and a mirror is useful!


Sleeping hood

Gently take the slack out of the hood by tightening the straps (Patapum only)


Sleeping hood storage

Alternatively, you can roll up the hood and store it using the two elastic loops. (Patapum)   Or with the Ergo you roll it up and stuff it into the small pocket, leaving the straps very loosely attached to the lower D-rings.


Off you go!

Now you're sorted, enjoy your soft-structured carrier!


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