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PODAEGI - Back Carry w/ Santa toss

The Korean 'Podaegi' is a baby back carrier.  It can be either a wide or narrow panel with top straps, which go either over the shoulders or above the chest.  Once you get the 'hang' of it, this is a great quick carrier to keep in the car.  See Freehand Podaegi Instructions for more info.

As always, you want a happy, fed, dry baby to try this carry.  A person to 'spot' you is a good idea when first starting out, and you may want to kneel on a duvet on the floor for your peace of mind.

This carry is suitable for once baby has good head control / neck strength, approx 4-5 months. 

(You *can* use a Podaegi on the front, just reverse how you wear it, and cross the straps at your back instead.) 


Step One

Lay your baby on the Podaegi, gripping the straps firmly around at her armpits.  I have done this on the floor but you can do it on your bed or the couch, or an older baby can stand up.


Step Two

Pick baby up using your right  the straps and your left hand underneath her.


Step Three

Hoist baby carefully onto your shoulder, still holding the straps and keeping a hand on her back.  She is very secure!


Step Four

Carefully transfer the left strap to sit over your left shoulder.  Lean forward and hollow your back for baby as you do this, to give her a good place to rest.


Step Five

Clamp the straps between your knees, and adjust baby's legs to straddle your waist, bum down knees up. 


Step Six

Bring the straps behind you, over baby's legs, and cross them under her bottom.


Step Seven

Bring the straps around the front again, under each foot.  Watch out for hair-pulling babies!


Step Eight

Clamp the spare strap between your knees, as you thread one up and through the opposite shoulder.


Step Nine

Now you have both straps threaded through, you are going to tie the ends in a square knot.  this is called a 'Tibetan' finish, and keeps the shoulder straps from getting that 'slipping off' feeling. Make sure you have the straps up and well away from breast tissue, to avoid blocked ducts.


Back View

View from the back - see how the panel looks great coming down way past baby, and that her bottom is obviously lower than her legs.  Her body is well supported by the strap and panel of the Podaegi. (I have actually tied my knot under her bottom, as I had too much strap left -it's usually tied at the chest)


Ready to go...

Very happy baby, very comfy carrier!


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