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WRAP - Front Pocket Cross Carry

This carry is used mostly with stretchy wraps, as you need a bit of stretch to get the front pocket part up over baby.  It is suitable from Newborn to as big as you like (around 12-18 months).  This method is great for pre-tying before you go shopping etc, so you can just pop baby straight in at the carpark, no fuss.

As with all new carries, make sure your baby is happy, fed and dry before starting.   Wrapping takes a bit of practice, so don't get discouraged if at first you don't get it.  Just keep trying!  Have a few goes with a doll first, so you are more confident with your real baby.  


Step One

Find the middle of your wrap, and hold it at your tummy.


Step Two

Bring each side of the wrap up and over the opposite shoulder, pulling it snug.  Hold it by the top rails, and 'shake' the bottom of the wrap down, rather than trying to hold the whole thing.


Step Three

Stuff both ends down behind the front band.


Step Four

Cross the tails (ends) over.  This will become the 'seat' for baby.


Step Five

Tie at the back in a square / reef knot.  Or if you still have a lot of wrap left, you can bring it round to the front again and tie there, it's no problem.


Step Six

Pull the crosses out slightly to make room for your baby.


Step Seven

Reach your hand in behind to gently guide baby's legs into the crosses.


Step Eight

Keep a good hold on baby as you install them in the wrap...


Step Nine

Spread each side of the wrap from knee to knee, as much as you can. This is very important, we don't want baby sitting on thin bunched up bits.  (If baby is younger than around 11-12 weeks, you can leave their legs tucked up underneath them until they are big enough to poke out)


Step Ten

Bring the band gently up and over baby's legs, to cover their torso.


Step Ten

The front band (cummerbum) is up and on baby, this supports them and helps avoid sagging.  Make sure it covers from bottom to neck, so baby can't push back from you.


All Done

Baby legs should be bent and straddling your waist.  Push her legs / knees up to encourage the proper 'frog' position. 


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