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MEI-TAI - Front Carry

Important: you should check your carrier for safety, before EVERY use.  Make sure seams and stitches are intact, and check for wear and tear.  If you discover a fault, do NOT use it.

This front carry is suitable for any age baby, except tiny prems or low weight babies who need constant whole-body support.  If in doubt, try a cradle carry first. 


Step one

Place the Mei-tai upside down, apron-style on your tummy, so the inside is facing out. Tie in a reef knot snugly behind you.


Step two

Hold baby on your tummy with one hand and use the other hand to bring up the panel over baby's back. (The panel makes a pocket for baby to sit in) Fling each strap over your shoulder.


Step three

With one hand still supporting baby, use your other hand to grab the straps behind you and pull them downwards. You may like to lift baby up as you pull the straps, to take any slack out and have baby high and snug.


Step four

Now with a strap firmly in each hand, cross them and pull. The straps should be away from your neck. The lower down your 'cross' is, the more comfortable it will probably be.


Step five

Bring the straps around the front, and tie. If baby is under approx 10 weeks, you MUST tie behind their back to support it. If baby is older, you may tie the straps under their bottom. The straps may go over or under the thighs, it's personal preference.


Step six

Lastly, encourage baby's knees up and bottom down so they are in the 'frog' position, legs straddling you. This is very important for their comfort, and correct positioning. (If your baby is small and/or under approx 10 weeks, it is recommended to keep their legs tucked inside under them, until they are big enough to straddle your tummy.)



To take baby out, undo the shoulder straps FIRST and let the panel fall forward. Make sure you have a hand supporting baby at all times. NEVER untie the bottom waist straps while baby is in the carrier- they could fall out the bottom.


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