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MEI-TAI - Hip Carry

It is possible to get a nice comfy hip carry with a Mei-tai.  There are a few ways of doing this, but I will only show one here, have a look at Kozy etc for other methods if you like.

Before trying new carries, make sure baby is fed, dry and happy.  You may like to do this with a 'spotter'  at first, for your own peace of mind.

This carry is suitable for babies 5m+, once they are sitting and have good head control / neck strength.


Step One

Put your Mei-tai on apron style, with the panel over your favourite hip.  Tie with a square knot.


Step Two

Put baby on your hip and bring the panel up behind her.


Step Three

Bring the 'front' strap up and over your shoulder, let it fall behind you.  Keep your other hand securely holding your baby.


Step Four

Reach around and pull the other shoulder strap sideways across your lower back. Keep it in your hand as you transfer baby's weight to this hand.


Step Five

Now find that first shoulder strap, and pull it down to meet your other baby's bottom.  Jiggle a bit and pull, to get rid of any slack.


Step Six

Lift baby and pull each end tight to get the slack out again.  Tie both ends under baby's bottom. Now you're ready to go!  


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