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PATAPUM - Back Carry w/ hip scoot

  • Always make sure baby is well, fed and happy before attempting new carries.
  • Please check your carrier every single time you use it.  If you see any pulled stitching or stressed areas, do NOT use it, and contact your vendor for help.
  • This set of instructions is pictured with a Patapum soft-structured carrier, but applies to the Ergo carrier as well - just omit the part with the torso-strap.   
  • Although Patapum recommends having another person place baby in the carrier for you, we realise this is not always possible or practical for us mums and dads.   Hence, Patapum accepts no liability for 'bounced' babies using this back carry method, and we do advise having a 'spotter' to help you the first few times till you feel comfortable doing it on your own. 
But don't be put off - it is super-easy and quick once you get the 'hang' of it!

Step One

Put the Patapum on as you would for a front carry, but shift it sideways instead.  Position the waistband on your hips to carry baby's weight effectively, especially if you are short like me.  Have the waist band slightly looser than normal, so you can shift it round easily.  Remember to tighten it afterwards though!   Put baby on your right hip, with her bum on the panel.  Keeping a good hold of baby, thread her right leg through between the panel and the main strap.


Step Two

Thread baby's left leg through the other gap, see how the main strap is OVER her thigh, and she's sitting well centred in the panel. 


Step Three

Grab the top of both shoulder straps in your left hand, and put your right hand around baby's bottom to take the weight.


Step Four

Now carefully shuffle baby and carrier around, pulling her back with your right hand and holding tight to the shoulder straps.  Jiggle up and down a little to help shift the carrier round.  Baby's head will go under your right arm as she goes round.


Step Five

Lean forward slightly, and keeping hold of the right strap with your right hand - reach around with your left hand and find the left shoulder strap, and slide it on.  


Step Six

Now slip the right shoulder strap on.


Step Seven

Find the two halves of the chest clip, and fasten them together till you hear it 'click'.  You may need to adjust this to suit your body width.


Step Eight

Reach both hands in under baby's bottom and jiggle her up and down until she's properly seated in the centre of the carrier, - bum down, knees up.  This is the most comfy position for them.    Hook your thumbs into the top of the waistband and push it down onto your hips, then pull the straps to tighten it comfortably.  You can store the excess strap ends by rolling them up and tucking them into the elastic loops.


Adjusting the Main Shoulder Straps

Find both shoulder strap ends, and pull them down to tighten.  You may need to lift baby's bottom as you do this, so you can pull the slack in easier.  (The strap is also easier to pull if it is under baby's leg, not over.)


Adjusting the 'Torso' strap

(Patapum only)  Find each thin torso strap end, and pull them BEHIND you to tighten them.  This will draw baby in close to you and keep their weight close to your centre of gravity. 


Sleeping Hood 1

Let the sleeping hold straps out so they are long.  Hold each end of a strap, and lean forward.  Bring the strap ends up and over you with your arms outstretched.   (Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I will replace it asap)


Sleeping Hood 2

For the Patapum, fasten the clip onto the D-ring on your chest clip.  For the Ergo, thread the strap end through the D-ring and click the domes together for the tightness you want.


Sleeping Hood 3

Tighten the Patapum sleeping hood by pulling the slack through the little press-clamp, to make a loop.  Not too tight- it is only to support a sleeping head from lolling around.


Sleeping Hood 4

There you go, baby's head is supported and you can hang that washing out!


Dismount 1

Unfasten the chest clip and put your right hand back under baby's bottom to support her weight.


Dismount 2

Holding the left shoulder strap in your left hand, lean forward and get ready to shuffle baby and carrier around to your right hip.


Dismount 3

Get ready to slide the left shoulder strap off as you bring baby around


Dismount 4

As you jiggle and shuffle baby to the side, use your left hand to grab the right shoulder strap and help pull the carrier round.  Your right hand does most of the work though.


Dismount 5

Baby is now back where she started, safe and sound. 


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